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Local Generator Guys produces high quality generators that are durable. We understand how frustrating it can be to purchase a new generator and only get its services for just a few months or a year. A good generator company should not only provide generators that are effective and efficient but they should also produce durable generators. Local Generator Guys is dedicated to provide durable generators to all.


Cheap and affordable

In these harsh economic times where people are looking for ways to minimize their expenditure, getting an affordable generator is one of the best things that any person can wish for. The good news is that Local Generator Guys provides you with quality generators at a very affordable price. For more information about the price of our generators, call us on 800-918-0790.


Repair and maintenance services

Local Generator Guys not only provide quality generators but we also offer our clients with repair and maintenance services of their generators. Our repair and maintenance services vary. You can talk to our customer service personnel on 800-918-0790 to get more information on this. You do not have to worry about the maintenance or repair of your generators since Local Generator Guys will help solve all the problems that your generator might be having.

Local Generator Guys has been providing quality generators to residential homes and different businesses for many years. We are therefore a trusted company that will provide you with quality generators that will serve you for a longer period of time. Our repair and maintenance services will ensure that your generator stays in good condition and works as it is supposed to work.

Call us now at 800-918-0790 to get quick services from us.

Why you should choose Local Generator Guys

Reputable and licensed company

Local Generator Guys is a licensed company that has earned a reputation amongst residents and businesses for providing high quality generators. If you are looking for a high quality generator that will serve you for a longer period of time, choose a generator from Local Generator Guys. We are licensed generator experts thus we know what is best for you.

Quality customer service

At Local Generator Guys, we believe that quality customer service is the key to success of any business. We therefore strive to ensure that we provide quality customer service to all our clients so that we can be able to understand the need s of our customers and serve them better. Call us on 800-918-0790 and talk to our customer service personnel or visit our offices. We are always ready to listen to you and help you out.

Qualified and experienced experts

Our repair and maintenance services are carried out by qualified and experienced experts. The experts inspect your generator to be able to establish the problem and they remove and replace worn out parts and ensure that your generator is working effectively. Local Generator Guys takes its entire staff through a thorough training session prior to hiring then so as to ensure that they are qualified enough to handle all kind of problems and challenges that the customers might be having.

For more information about Local Generator Guys call us on 800-918-0790 or visit our offices for any assistance related to generators. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • img Ability to load test diesel and natural gas generators
  • img Expert installation, maintenance and repair
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